Port-au-Prince: Everything is Broken

May 23, 2012


A beggar coming up to our van as we drive through the broken streets and crazy traffic. ┬áIt’s been two years since the earthquake in Haiti, and Port-au-Prince is still in disaster relief mode. As soon as you land, your senses and emotions are assaulted. There has reportedly been $2 Billion sent to Haiti for disaster relief, but you sure can’t see any results. The people are simply surviving from one day to the next. Malnutrition and homelessness are rampant. I didn’t see a nice building, home or restaurant the entire time I was in Haiti. The tent cities are huge and heart-wrenching. As I went to bed the first night in Port-au-Prince, I thought of the thousands of Christians in Haiti who have no job, no home, no resource and no support. There are so many ministry opportunities in Haiti. Thankfully, Children’s HopeChest in working with orphanages in Haiti and trying to bring hope and a future to orphans and abandoned children.






The Haitian equivalent of the White House.



The location of the Haitian Supreme Court.



A typical street in Port-au-Prince.



The market in Port-au-Prince, where most of the people shop.




Rubble is still everywhere.



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