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April 25, 2012


Many of the guys on the short-term mission team decided to wear bandana masks during the construction work because it was often so dusty. This is Ryan LaRoy helping to mix concrete for the construction of a church in the tough little town of Trece de Mayo. There is something so satisfying about working hard all day with your hands and helping the national Christians.



April 24, 2012


Helping nationals build a new church in Trece de Mayo.



March 15, 2012


Our short-term mission team working to help construct a church in Baja.



February 3, 2012


This is Pastor Manzano in Trece de Mayo, Mexico. When I initially met Pastor Manzano, he told me I was the first white person to ever visit his church.  Over time, our families developed a true friendship during our visits to Baja.


Our short-term mission team helped him and his congregation construct the foundation and walls to his new church. The house for the pastor is also located on the grounds, and we helped repair items around the house.



February 2, 2012


In Mexico, it seems everything goes when it comes to rules of the road.  Here, the guys on our short-term mission trip arrive for work in the back of a dump truck. They said it was a blast driving around getting supplies in the back of that truck.  Reminds me of when I was a kid growing up in Alabama and how we used to ride around in the back of my grandfather’s pickup.  Fun times.



January 22, 2012


On the left is my son, Morgan Weeks, and his long-time best friend, Eric Wermuth, at the end of a long day of construction work during a short-term mission trip.  Going on a short-term mission trip can have a profound impact on your life, and the experience can be extraordinary when you serve side-by-side with your close friends.  For me, I was traveling with my family and close friends, and this trip to Baja was one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life.



January 21, 2012


The guys were worn out after hard manual labor all day in this church in Camalu, Mexico. However, after they ate some food and rested for a little while, they were up again, and they challenged the nationals to a game of soccer. What a rewarding and fun day.



January 20, 2012


In Mexico, when there is a construction need at a church, you have to mix the concrete and pour the job yourself.  Here, our short-term mission team is making concrete for the floor of a church in Camalu, Mexico. There is something about working together like this that is so satisfying.



January 4, 2012


In Mexico, you have to mix and wheel-barrel the concrete yourself when you are woking on a construction project. Here, our team is extending the floor of a church so they could accommodate more people during their worship services.  They had to get a running start to get enough momentum to make it up a ramp and into the church. The guys were wiped out after doing this all day, but they had a ball.