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March 10, 2012


I love the kids’ school uniforms in Mexico. ┬áIn this part of Baja, all the kids that go to school in the morning wear blue uniforms, and all the kids in the afternoon wear red uniforms. Even though the kids in Camalu live is harsh poverty, the families take pride in keeping their kids looking nice.



March 1, 2012


I love this young girl. I’ve seen her on every trip I’ve taken to Baja, and we just have a certain connection. She has such a kind and gentle spirit. You’ll also notice the head covering she’s wearing, which is customary in most of the Christian churches in Baja.



February 26, 2012


During my trips to Baja, Mexico, I have been struck by how much pride many parents take in dressing their kids nicely – despite the fact they live is harsh poverty. I love this little girl’s outfit and how the yellow and white makes her look so beautiful.