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April 6, 2012


Serving alongside nationals in the mission field can be so fun.



April 1, 2012


This is Alberto. At the time of one of our trips to Baja, he served as a handyman for a church in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico. He has such a servant’s heart, and he worked so hard to help our short-term mission team during our trip. Alberto does not speak or write English, but our team had these little English/Spanish pamphlets, and he used those pamphlets to write letters to my wife and others on our team. Alberto borrowed the church’s computer, printed the letters and gave them to us as we were leaving. While the following letter is not “perfect,” I think you’ll get the point:






March 31, 2012




The Thorn production is without doubt the best Christian production I’ve ever seen. It is professionally produced, and the story is so compelling. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


The Thorn has moved from New Life Church to The World Arena in Colorado Springs, and tickets are available tonight and for tomorrow. The Thorn will also be showing at Magness Arena in Denver on April 6-7, 2012 and at the Tri-Lakes Center in Branson, Missouri on June 2-16, 2012. The Thorn website is http://thethorn.net/.


Inviting friends to go see The Thorn is a great way to share your faith in Jesus. Twice when I’ve seen The Thorn, I was deeply moved to make new commitments for Jesus.




March 7, 2012


Waverly (green sweater) and the girls on the beach in Baja during one of our mission trips. There truly is something special about being on a mission trip with your friends.



February 17, 2012


This is Nicolas Leland during our short term mission team’s flight into San Diego. Going on a short term mission trip can be life changing. In doing so, we leave the routine of our lives and enter what seems to be a different world.



February 9, 2012






February 5, 2012



The Manzano Family.



January 28, 2012


While we were singing by the campfire, my wife, Marla, gets a bunch of the kids and she goes off under the stairs to play with them.  The kids in Baja are such a treasure.



January 2, 2012


Masaya, Nicaragua.  This is one of my favorite photographs.  The joy and beauty of the young girls stand in stark contrast to their severe poverty.  Their family has no front door. The family uses plywood and a large piece of furniture to barricade the front door opening at night.  To the right of this photo, there is plywood covering the opening for the front window with graffiti on it.  They have no running water or electricity.  The interior floor is dirt. Yet, such joy. Such contentment. Such warm fellowship.  Such love.


The “Masaya Girls” are a treasure to me.  I have a large print of this photo in my house, and it serves as a continual reminder of the words of Paul, “For I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything.” Philippians 4:13.


When we go on mission trips to third-world countries, we go with the hope that we can help other people, but I often find that the nationals are more of a blessing to me.



December 31, 2011










During this short term mission trip in Baja, we invited people all week to a play called “The History of Jesus,” which would be held at the end of the week at an outside basketball court. We didn’t know how many would show up. On Friday night, we were stunned to see 1,000-1,200 people pack the basketball stands and area around the stage.  The people were so attentive and into the play.  The co-leader of the trip, Arlo Serrano, played the apostle John, and he narrated the play as the team members acted out the parts.


At the end, we led everyone in praise and worship songs, and we had an “alter call” where people could come down to the stage and accept Jesus as their Savior. I hoped a few people might come forward.  Much to my shock and delight, well over 100 people came down to the stage to accept Jesus.  We gave them free Bibles, prayed with them and gave them a flyer with information regarding churches and pastors in the area. We also had a huge meal catered for everyone in attendance.  To this day, it was the most amazing act of the Holy Spirit I have ever seen. It just felt so “Biblical.”


Our team left that night with unspeakable joy.  I felt thrilled and dizzy from the experience. Most people on the short term mission team stayed up all night because they were so excited.  As the sun came up, we had to pack up and drive to San Diego to make our plan flight later that afternoon. Many people on the short term mission team cried because they had to leave. A short term mission trip can change your life.