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April 21, 2012


This is Julie Wilson, the Director of Mercy’s Gate.  She oversees the work of the staff and volunteers and, frankly, does a wonderful job. Mercy’s Gate main location is located within Rocky Mountain Calvary Church, which is near the intersection of Austin Bluffs and Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs. You can reach Mercy’s Gate at 719.277.7470, and it’s website is located at http://www.mercysgatecs.org/.  Mercy’s Gate provides the following services:


Food Pantry. Mercy’s Gate provides families with a four day emergency supply of food up to three times each year.


USDA Commodities Program. In partnership with The Emergency Food Asistance Program, Mercy’s Gate helps supplement the diets of low income families by providing a monthly food package.


Financial AssistanceFinancial help is provided through rental, utility, prescription assistance, medical co-pays, and transportation.


Faith Community Nurse. A registered nurse is available to assess health care needs, provide prescription assistance, and to link our clients with community resources.


Legal AdviceAn attorney is available every Thursday morning at Mercy’s Gate to assist with legal advice.


Financial Counseling. Mercy’s Gate has volunteer counselors available throughout the week to provide budgeting help.


Tax PreparationDuring tax season, Mercy’s Gate provides free tax return preparation for low income households through our VITA Tax Program.


Seasonal ProgramsAnnual Comminity Health Fair and Back to School Program (August), Thanksgiving Baskets (November), Home for the Holiday Christmas Program (December).


Heart Training Mercy’s Gate ministers to the whole person, spirit, soul, and body, through teaching, training, and prayer.



April 1, 2012


This is Alberto. At the time of one of our trips to Baja, he served as a handyman for a church in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico. He has such a servant’s heart, and he worked so hard to help our short-term mission team during our trip. Alberto does not speak or write English, but our team had these little English/Spanish pamphlets, and he used those pamphlets to write letters to my wife and others on our team. Alberto borrowed the church’s computer, printed the letters and gave them to us as we were leaving. While the following letter is not “perfect,” I think you’ll get the point:






March 4, 2012


My wife, Marla Girl, visiting with national girls during a trip to Nicaragua.  We always have such a great time when we’re in the field together.



March 1, 2012


I love this young girl. I’ve seen her on every trip I’ve taken to Baja, and we just have a certain connection. She has such a kind and gentle spirit. You’ll also notice the head covering she’s wearing, which is customary in most of the Christian churches in Baja.



February 14, 2012


Me and my girl during a mission trip to Baja.  Happy Valentine’s Day.



February 9, 2012






January 22, 2012


On the left is my son, Morgan Weeks, and his long-time best friend, Eric Wermuth, at the end of a long day of construction work during a short-term mission trip.  Going on a short-term mission trip can have a profound impact on your life, and the experience can be extraordinary when you serve side-by-side with your close friends.  For me, I was traveling with my family and close friends, and this trip to Baja was one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life.



January 6, 2012



January 1, 2012


Rich Wolfe became involved with Mission to the World (MTW) in 1991.  Soon thereafter, he and his wife, Lori, started serving as missionaries in the Philippines.  They worked hard to plant new churches and train national leaders in those churches.  The conditions in the Philippines were fairly rough – like not having electricity for long periods of time or running water – but Rich and Lori felt like the Philippines were a “perfect fit” for them.  They were happy. God was blessing the ministry. The Wolfes believed they had found their lifetime ministry.  That is when their young son, Chris, began to have serious health problems.  The Wolfes discovered Chris had bacteria in his lungs that would kill him if they stayed in the Philippines. Rich and Lori would have to leave their beloved Philippines ministry.


In their time in the Philippines, Rich planted 45 Christian churches, which is very impressive given how hard it is to plant new churches. The training of the national leaders paid off as most of those churches are still going today.


The Wolfes were forced to find a different climate for Chris, as well as doctors who could treat his condition. They moved to Colorado Springs in 1999, and Rich began serving as the MTW Regional Director over Central America and the Caribbean.  Chris’ condition improved, and he has grown into a handsome young man.  Rich is still involved in church planting and training national leaders.  He and MTW are also heavily engaged in mercy ministry, medical missions, education and caring for orphans and poor children.  Rich is also the “resident missionary” at Village Seven Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs, where he leads short term mission trips, works with refugees from other countries and counsels individuals who are becoming missionaries.


I have known Rich for many years and had the pleasure of his company over dinner several times. Rich truly loves Jesus, and he has always been an inspiration to me.  Personally, Rich has such a kind and gentle nature – and a great sense of humor.  I wanted to take a “serious” black and white photo of Rich for the blog, but that just didn’t work; I just had to go with the smiling photo above because it captures some of Rich’s warm and engaging personality.  I sure hope the Lord will give our families many more fondue dinners together in the future!


If you want to contact Rich or find out more about his ministry, you can contact him at rwolfemtw@comcast.net.



December 31, 2011


This was written by Chase Jarvis, who is a cutting-edge photographer and definitely my favorite. Chase is not involved in Christian missions, but this guy inspires me. He is creative, pushes the envelope, encourages other photographers and continually gives to others. He wrote the above statement, and I added the title. I actually printed this statement 8×10 and framed it so I can see it everyday. These are words to live by, and it pretty much sums up the reason my daughter, Waverly, and I are doing this blog devoted to Christian missions.


Thanks, Chase.  You rock.