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January 7, 2012



Managua, Nicaragua. We were taken to the huge city dump in Managua, and I was surprised to see so many people living and working in the dump. I noticed this make-shift home, and we got out to meet the people. This is Jacqueline and her baby. She is remarkably cordial and welcoming. We discovered that there is a Christian mission on the edge of the dump that prepares two meals of rice and beans each day for the people who live in the area.


The locals call the people who live in the dump Los Paupérrimo, or the very poor. The average person living in Managua is very poor by American standards, but the people living in the dump have far less. They seem to spend hours each day sorting through the trash trying to find things that have some value.


It’s hard to see people living in squalor. Thank the Lord for those Christians that operate the food ministry on the edge of the dump so the people at least get two meals each day.



December 14, 2011
This is Marvin, a soup kitchen volunteer at The Marion House in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The Marion House serves 600-800 lunches each day for the poor and homeless.  Marvin has been serving as a volunteer there for more than 10 years.  Today, the whole volunteer staff was from First Presbyterian Church.  If anyone wants to volunteer at the soup kitchen, the volunteer coordinator is Francisco Mora, 14 West Bijou Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado at 719.866.6559.  The website for The Marion House is www.ccharitiescs.org and the email is info@ccharitiescs.org.