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May 20, 2012


This is my hero, Giusepe Teruel. He started serving a few meals to people who live on the street in Guatemala City over 20 years ago. For eight months he worked alone serving sandwiches to destitute families living on the street and sharing the Gospel with them. Others slowly began to serve with Giusepe, and they began serving hundreds of sandwiches and soup. Giusepe developed relationships with the street people, and he continued to share Jesus with the families.


There are many, many families living on the street, and Giusepe asked whether the kids go to school. He discovered that almost none of the street kids attend school because their families cannot afford the school fees and uniforms. So what did this poor man do with no funding or resources? He felt God wanted him to start a school for the street kids.  Now the school has over 300 street kids that attend. I was there for a morning session. Over 120 kids piled out of a school bus (which was designed for about 40 kids) and bolted through the doors of the school.  In the afternoon, over 130 older kids attend the school.


Giusepe discovered that most of the kids were not getting anything to eat before they came to school, so he and his staff started serving a full hot breakfast to all of the young students. He and his staff also had to obtain school clothing for the street kids because their families simply have no money.


In talking with Giusepe, you quickly realize how this happy, energetic man truly loves and relies upon God. His faith seems to be unshakable. I watched in amazement as Giusepe moved through the crowds with such care and love. I thought this must have been the way Jesus walked on the earth. He knew every one of the hundreds of street people and every one of the kids at the school. Giusepe knew each one’s story and struggles, and his friendship with each one was authentic.



Giusepe during one of the stops of his street ministry where he and his staff serve food to the poor, sing praise songs and preach the word.



A local Guatemalan church has a youth group that goes out nightly with Giusepe during the street ministry. These young people are the “real deal” – they truly love the Lord, and they live out their faith.



Morning prayer before the breakfast at the school for street kids.



Giusepe explaining his ministries to my mission team. I was stunned to discover that none of the kids in the school have sponsors and that Giusepe has to piece together sporadic support from various sources to keep the ministries going. When I asked him how he does it, Giusepe simply replied, “The Lord supplies.”


Children’s HopeChest is currently searching for a church or community in America to come alongside Giusepe and his school.  All of the kids desperately need sponsors, and there are many urgent needs. Some church or community will get the wonderful opportunity to write a new story for the street children of Guatemala City.


I came away from Guatemala truly amazed by Giusepe and the work the Lord is doing through him.



May 9, 2012


Our short-term mission team passing out coloring books, Bibles, and dental supplies on the streets of Camalu.



April 27, 2012


Street ministry in Camalu, Mexico during a short term mission trip.



March 27, 2012


Street evangelism as our team went door-to-door in Camalu, Mexico.



March 26, 2012


My wife, Marla, giving an invitation to our big play called “The History of Jesus” during one of our short-term mission trips. We were thrilled how open everyone was to our folks as they went door-to-door in Camalu.



March 25, 2012


This is part of our short-term mission team going door-to-door in Camalu passing out free Bibles, a salvation track and an invitation to our big play at the end of the week.



March 22, 2012


This is a typical neighborhood street in Managua. My wife, Marla, loves kids, and she spent every available minute hanging out with the kids. She would talk and play with them, ask about their lives, sing songs with them and share Bible stories. Such a sweet time.





March 17, 2012


Two staff members of Courtside Ministries in Colorado Springs prayed with these ladies out front of the El Paso County District Courthouse. One lady felt so touched by the prayer and concern that she hugged the staff.



Jim Singleton, the chaplain at Courtside Ministries in Colorado Springs, waits out front of the courthouse to pray with those walking in and out of court. As I walked up to talk to Jim, he had just finished praying with a couple of people. It’s remarkable how going to court makes people so much more open to prayer.



March 16, 2012


We purchased $6,000 worth of Spanish Bibles and took them with us to Baja.  Many families in Baja don’t have Bibles, so we passed out free Bibles all week.  Over and again, the people receiving the Bibles would stop right there and start reading.



March 9, 2012


I was working in Denver this week, and I took a walk down the 16th Street Mall. This gentleman was sharing the gospel with this young lady as busy folks rushed by on their way to lunch.


This photo was taken with my iPhone, processed as an “instant” photo with the Camera Bag app and emailed to my computer.  I’m pretty picky about the gear I use and the image quality of the photos on this site, but as they say, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.”