Tag : Vision Trust

December 15, 2011



You are looking at two answers to prayer, Matt and Jenny at VisionTrust.  For years, I have longed to volunteer time photographing VisionTrust’s awesome ministry to orphans and very poor children around the world.  The problem has been that VisionTrust needed communication/media specialists that could take my photography and incorporate it into a comprehensive campaign.  I kept hoping and praying VisionTrust, which is based here in Colorado Springs, would put together a communications/media team.  The years rolled by, and I thought about this every time I drove by VisionTrust’s building along I-25.


Recently, I felt God was calling me to focus my photography on Christian missions, and I called my old friend at VisionTrust, Matt Storer.  When I told him what I felt God was calling me to do, he said VisionTrust had hired a communications manager, Matt Reed, and he said the organization was in real need of my photography.  I also learned that VisionTrust hired Jenny Stoecker as a communications specialist.  The communications/media team is now is place.


I am extremely excited about the prospect of serving as a volunteer photographer for VisionTrust.  We are currently discussing when Waverly and I can go on trips given my work as a lawyer and Waverly being in the middle of her junior year in high school.  I can’t wait to see where God takes us during the coming years.